Managing staff

Директор. Ушаков Ю.Н. Director
Ushakov Yuri
Born 1954. Till May 1995 he was with the Air Force occupying command flight positions. After retirement from the Air Force he continued to work in aviation. Mr. Ushakov is the Director of Air Bridge Center Airlines Ltd. since the very day of its foundation (October, 10, 2000).
He is married and has three children.

Коммерческий директор. Романченко А.А. Commercial Director
Romanchenko Andrei
Born 1966. He was graduated from Shevchenko State University in Kiev. He has operational experience of IL76 aircraft as well as considerable experience of commercial use of transport aircraft. He has been working in the company since its foundation. Besides Ukrainian and Russian, Mr. Romanchenko knows four foreign languages. He is married, has the daughter and grandson.

Romanchenko Marina
Born 1968. Has been working in the company since 2007. She has a great experience in accountance and documetation management. Mrs. Romanchenko knows Russian and Ukrainian. Married, has the daughter and grandson.

Airfreight Manager
Romanchenko Maria
Born 1991. She was graduated from Shevchenko National University in Kiev. Besides Russian and Ukrainian Ms. Romanchenko knows three foreign languages. Has the son.