The International Association of Officers of Special Divisions for Combating Organized Crime “Centre”

One of the founders of Air Bridge Center Airlines Limited is the International Association of Officers of Special Divisions for Combating Organized Crime “Centre”

The International Association of Officers of Special Divisions for Combating Organized Crime “Centre” was set up on 22 April 2000 and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 12 May 2000 (Registration Certificate № 1422).

Association is international public organization founded by citizens of Ukraine and foreign countries for satisfaction and protection of social, economic and other interests.

The activities of «Centre» are subject to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On the Unions of Citizens” and other pieces of Ukrainian legislation and legislation of other countries where Association “Centre” has representatives.

There are two types of membership in the Association, individual and institutional. The Individual members are the veterans, the active staff of special units and the representatives of other services. The institutional members of the «Centre» are enterprises, institutions and organizations and the unions of citizens which share and support the Statute objectives and assist the Association in its fulfillment.

At present the International Association has 5000 individual members and 300 collective members. The Association has regional branches registered by jurisdictional authorities in every region of Ukraine and cities of republican subordination of Ukraine, city branches of the association in big cities of Ukraine and the representative missions in the Southern Crimea (Yalta), the Republic of Bulgaria (Varna) and also the representatives of the Association in Russian Federation, Republic of Byelorussia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Great Britain, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and UN.

The International Association constantly cooperates with the following common organizations:

— The International Association of Veterans of Antiterrorist Units «Alpha», Ukraine;

— The Veterans’ League of special divisions for Combating Organized Crime Of the Ministry of internal affairs of Russian Federation;

— The Latvian Federation of Detectives and Security;

— Lithuanian organization EKSKOMISARU BIURAS;

— The Ukrainian Union of the Afghanistan Veterans;

— The Association of military scientists;

— International association of the officers of law-enforcement authorities (Republic of Moldova);

— The Association of Veterans of Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine;

— Moscow City Department of All-Russia Fund of veterans and members of Special Forces and Special divisions »Vimpel-Garant».

The Association has full backup from the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and other Ukrainian law-enforcement authorities, as well as by the law-enforcement authorities of the countries where the International Association has established partnerships.

The primary tasks of the Association “Centre”:

— social protection of the veterans and active staff of special divisions, their adaptation to the new economic environment after they have retired, support of their families and the families of the servicemen who were killed in actions;

— financial, material and intellectual backup of the special divisions;

— Analytical study of the current situation and state of the organized crime, participation in the improvement of the measures for combating crime.

To provide financial support of the Statute activities, the Association as well as its regional branches founded 60 enterprises whose profile connected to the economic particularities of the regions. The enterprises focused on the following areas: manufacturing of industrial goods, extraction of minerals, processing of raw materials, cargo deliveries (air ways, railways, motor transport), trading transactions, tourism, pharmacology, safety control of business, protection and defense of the leading foreign trademarks, Customs – brokerage, working out and realization of the investment projects etc. Some of these enterprises belong to the Corporation “CENTRE”. The enterprises of the Association have more then 1000 employees.

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